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July 13, 2020 - 7 min

Tackling Labour Shortages

Published by Frédéric Déom

As most people know, due to the high number of retiring workers and the insufficient number of new hires, and despite the efforts of the government to bring in skilled foreign talent, Canadian construction employers are struggling with labour shortages.

For more and more employers, namely in the roofing industry, the best approach to make their work easier is to find ways to reduce the amount of time and labour necessary on job sites without cutting corners. With productivity, quality and profitability in mind, many contractors turn to products that are easier – therefore faster – to install and processes that are more efficient.

SOPREMA’s Solutions

SOPREMA offers solutions to help address this labour shortage. Products such as 2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD and 3-1 SOPRASMART BOARD laminated panels are highly efficient and easy to use thanks to their properties:

  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Streamlined installation
  • Compliance with flameless installation requirements
  • Incorporated waterproofing elements
  • Adhesive properties
  • Tested according to the industry’s highest standards
  • Installation requiring fewer workers

2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD are high-performance base-sheet panels made of an SBS-modified bitumen membrane laminated on a support panel (asphaltic board, high-density polyiso, or fibreboard). Not only do 3-1 SOPRASMART BOARD feature the base-sheet and support panels, but they also include polyiso insulation.

Their performance is proven; see these tests carried out by SOPREMA.


Team 1:

Three people completing a 720 ft2 project with a conventional system

Team 2:

Three people completing a 720 ft2 project with a SOPREMA 3-in-1 system

Results: It took 52 minutes for Team 1 and 21 minutes for Team 2. Savings of 31 minutes!


Team 1:

Five people completing a 768 ft2 project with a conventional system

Team 2:

Four people completing a 768 ft2 project with SOPREMA 2-in-1 system

Results: It took 3:07 hours for Team 1 and 2:01 hours for Team 2. Savings of 56 minutes!