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Job Site Inspection and Supervision**


Job site inspection and supervision are essential to ensure the performance of roofing systems.

SOPREMA offers general theoretical training for architects, technologists, estimators, project managers, site inspectors and supervisors on SBS modified bitumen membrane installation methods. The training aims to ensure the proper installation of heat-welded, self-adhesive, mechanically fastened, membranes bonded with cold adhesive or hot bitumen, and emphasizes on how to distinguish a good installation from a bad one, whether for membranes, support panels or insulation boards. The basis about the wind resistance of roofing systems will also be addressed.

At the end of this training, participants will have the basic knowledge to specify and monitor the installation of all types of SBS modified bitumen roofing systems produced by SOPREMA.

Prerequisite: Being an architect, technologist, estimator, project manager, inspector, or site supervisor.

For more information, download the training plan.

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