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Advanced Techniques (PAQ+S)

This training is intended for roofers with a minimum of two years of experience in heat-welded SBS modified bitumen membranes installation.

The course will allow participants to familiarize themselves with high-performance systems – either mechanically fastened, adhered with adhesive or hot bitumen and self-adhesive – while also refreshing their knowledge regarding conventional system installation techniques.* This training session also aims at reviewing the basics, to increase awareness of our membranes’ features and our appropriate and safe application methods for all products as well as safety rules on construction sites and industry requirements.

At the end of this course, participants must complete a theoretical and practical exam to be certified as a PAQ+S installer. Please note that hiring certified installers does not guarantee that the contractor will have access to SOPREMA’s Program Alliance for Quality + Safety (PAQ+S). Roofing contractors who want to see their company become a member of the network and gain access to Platinum warranties should contact their SOPREMA representative for more information about eligibility and procedures.

For more information, download the training plan.

* Heat-welded membrane or membrane adhered with hot bitumen.

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