SOPREMA Continues Its International Expansion With a New Strategic Partnership in Chile 

March 20, 2023

Drummondville, March 14, 2019 – In line with our remarkable international expansion in recent years, we are very pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with TECPRO, the leading waterproofing product installer in Chile. This alliance will take the form of a joint venture named ALTEC, which will have a primary mandate—to introduce high-quality, state-of-the-art systems to the Chilean market.

Thanks to this investment, SOPREMA will propel its growth in Latin America and position itself advantageously in the fourth major construction market after Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. “We found in TECPRO a serious, dynamic company with a strong entrepreneurial culture and a desire to raise the construction standards in their market. We aspire to eventually become the reference point in quality waterproofing in Latin America, and ALTEC offers an extraordinary platform for us,” said Richard Voyer, Executive Vice President and CEO of SOPREMA, North America. Innovation, customer service excellence, and a passion for quality are values that define both SOPREMA and TECPRO. On the one hand, TECPRO will provide the partnership with its extensive sales network and 16 years of experience in the Chilean construction sector, while SOPREMA will leverage its entire product line and technical expertise. “Chile stands out for its stability, transparency, and competitiveness. It has the highest GDP per capita in South America. Our synergy with TECPRO will reinforce our position in the market and will be a significant driver of growth,” said Louis-Philippe Lussier, International Business Development Manager at SOPREMA. “The creation of ALTEC represents the achievement of a great dream. At TECPRO, we knew we could surprise the Chilean competitive market with a value proposition that would go beyond traditional limits. Today, we proudly present SOPREMA to our customers; we are very happy to benefit from this leader’s reputation. We are therefore confident about the success of our initiative in Chile: we will gain the trust of our partners to support them in this great challenge of the world of construction that is Latin America,” said Sebastián Sarralde B., Sales Manager at TECPRO.

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