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Cold-applied roofing systems are more and more popular. Yet, there are lingering myths and fallacies that can worry industry stakeholders. Here are the top concerns around flameless roofing solutions. Now let’s distinguish facts from rumours.

Myth No. 1: Self-adhesive Systems Are Not as Dependable as Torch-applied Systems.​

Fact: With regard to mechanical properties, self-adhesive (SA) systems are equal to or better than many torch-applied membrane products.

Properties of SA systems:
  • High-performance membranes
  • Incomparable dimensional stability thanks to a composite reinforcement
  • Excellent resistance to elongation and puncture
  • No post-installation maintenance required
  • Same performance and durability as torch-applied systems

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Myth No. 2: SA Systems Take Longer to Install Than Torch-applied Systems.

Fact: Self-adhered products can actually save you time.

Here are the reasons why:
  •  methods
  • Faster wall flashing installation, especially if combined with the DUO SELVEDGE technology
  • Higher speed and sealing quality when applied with the SOPRAMATIC
  • No thermofusion time required

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Myth No. 3: Cold-applied Systems Are Not Protected by a Material Warranty.

Fact: Numerous warranty options for flameless solutions are available.

Here is what SOPREMA’s warranty program covers:
  • Materials for all roofing contractors
  • Manufacturing quality of the accessory products
  • Water infiltration due to membrane deficiencies

Moreover, work performed by roofing contractors who are members of the PAQ+S Program is eligible for the Mammouth Platinum material and workmanship warranty with SOPREMA’s cold-applied roofing systems.

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Myth No. 4: Self-adhesive Systems Are Not Suitable for Protected Membrane Roofs (PMR or Inverted Roofs).

Fact: SA systems are lesser-known on the market, but not less efficient. 2-1 SOPRASMART ISO HD is perfectly suited for PMR roofs. It is sanded and includes the SOPRAPLY STICK DUO self-adhered membrane and SOPRA-XPS insulation.

Benefits of using SA systems:
  • Safety
    • Fumeless, flameless, low VOC content and odourless
  • High performance
    • Superior resistance against extreme weather conditions
    • Can act as an additional waterproofing membrane
  • Convenience
    • Installation with fewer restrictions, and using a variety of methods
    • Small packages that can be transported by elevator

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Flameless roofing solutions could be the approach that gives you the edge. Learn more about the benefits of cold-adhesive roofing solutions by reading our ebook