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June 14, 2016 - 3 min

What Is the CSA A123.21-14 Standard ?

Published by SOPREMA

The CSA A123.21-14 standard is a normalized test method of the dynamic wind uplift resistance of membrane roofing systems.

With the 2014 version of the CSA A23.21 standard, all roofing systems encountered on the market can be tested. The standard also applies to wood, steel and concrete decks.


Industry survey by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States identified a need for dynamic testing. In 1994, the Special Interest Group for Dynamic Evaluation of Roofing System (SIGDERS), an industry consortium, was created. SIGDERS gathers manufacturers, associations, owners and insurance companies which aimed to develop a dynamic load cycle that would:

  • Mimic as much as possible the true wind effects ;
  • Simulate failure modes similar to those under field conditions ;
  • Account for variations in roofing components and materials ;
  • Réaliser plus facilement des essais dans des conditions normales en laboratoire ;
  • Have a reasonable processing time of no more than one day .

Over a ten-year period, SIGDERS gathered information from different angles. First, wind tunnel testing helped model the wind effects on a roof. Second, a dynamic pressure protocol that simulates the established model was developed. Third, tests were conducted on different mechanically attached membrane systems.

With all that information documented and analyzed, SIGDERS was able to convince the CSA committee to create a standard.