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SOPREMA is a company engaged in the promotion of preventive measures and in the development of innovative products and installation methods to ensure safe work on construction sites. It has therefore developed several products and techniques to make works on a roof safer by offering many high-performance solutions for projects on which the use of a flame is prohibited or unwanted.

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Our Complete Line of Flameless Products

SOPREMA has designed high-performance, specialized waterproofing membranes that don’t require the use of propane-powered tools. These products therefore address safety concerns for projects on which it is not possible to use a flame, such as for hospitals and schools.

Download our comparative table to discover all the products included in our flameless line, like the following:

  • Factory laminated panels
  • VOC-free and odourless adhesives
  • Self-adhesive membranes
  • Cold-applied membranes
  • High-performance membranes

This tool will allow you to quickly discover the wide range of options offered to you and to select the product best suited for your needs!

What Distinguishes SOPREMA Flameless Products?

  • Superior waterproofing thanks to DUO SELVEDGE, a unique technology designed and patented in 2004​
  • Offer with cold-applied low-VOC and odourless adhesives.
  • Systems compliant with the National Building Code of Canada meeting the highest standards for testing and approvals (CSA A123.21 approved).​
  • Unique SOPREMA high-performance self-adhesive cap sheet membranes.
  • SOPREMA solutions covered up to 20 years with MAMMOUTH warranties, and up to 25 and 30 years with MAMMOUTH PLATINUM warranties according to specific requirements.
  • Laminated panels that can be installed throughout the year without temperature restriction, thanks to the exclusive DUO SELVEDGE technology.​
  • Implementation of the PAQ+S training program which has the main objective of maintaining a high level of quality and safety in the installation of our membranes.

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Support Worthy of Your Infrastructure

For more than 100 years , SOPREMA has put its expertise and its sense of innovation at the service of builders. Every year, thousands of construction professionals choose SOPREMA for its complete product offering, concern for quality, and above all, its convivial service.

Whether for assistance throughout a construction project or for the inspection and maintenance of the building, you will have peace of mind thanks to our support that matches your ambitions.

Support Worthy of Your Infrastructure

Choosing SOPREMA is Choosing Peace of Mind

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We cover roofs, walls, foundations and more. This means that you get compatible materials and solutions that fit together perfectly. No more confusion at transitions!

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We’re there for you every step of the way, with our Quality Assurance training program focused on building-envelope science. The result? Peace of mind, since it’s the best way to help control and limit your liability.

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More than 60 technical representatives across Canada support and train the professionals who install waterproofing products.

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SOPREMA is recognized worldwide for the quality of its SBS-modified bitumen waterproofing membranes, and for its technical expertise in the proper and safe use of its products.

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