For Effective and Thermally Efficient Wall Assemblies

SOPREMA chose ACS THERMAL CLIPS as the preferred solution for panelized exterior cladding because of their high performance and ease of installation. Due to their stainless-steel composition and the contribution of the insulation base.

ACS THERMAL CLIPs can provide up to 98% thermal efficiency.



3D ACS Clip



3D ACS Clip

In addition, the structural capacity of the clips allows maximization of vertical spacing, which further improves the system’s thermal performance and reduces the number of clips required for the project.

ACS THERMAL CLIPS form a highly efficient attachment system that reduces the effects of thermal bridging in wall systems. ACS THERMAL CLIPS are a combination of stainless steel–known for its strength, low thermal conductivity and high melting point—and an insulation base with a thermal resistance of R-3 per base.

ACS THERMAL CLIPS are available in two configurations: solid and adjustable. Both clips also include cut-outs that represent 15% to 20% of the clip volume in order to reduce the quantity of conductive material, as well as the effects of thermal bridging in wall systems.

Architects know that ACS THERMAL CLIPS offer excellent structural and thermal performance. They also allow the use of high R-value rigid panels, which contributes to the overall performance of the assembly.

Installers know that ACS THERMAL CLIPS are quick and easy to install. Moreover, they do not require an exclusive rail, which saves costs. ACS THERMAL CLIPS also offer the possibility of easily installing rigid insulation, and because they have a high R-value per inch, you can apply less insulation and still achieve the same thermal efficiency as with many other insulation products that have a lower R-value per inch.

ACS THERMAL CLIPS have successfully passed several fire-resistance tests of the entire wall assembly according to the CAN/ULC-S134 standard.

Superior thermal performance

Greater structural capacity

Quick and easy to install

For several years now, SOPREMA has been working towards the diversification and development of its product range to offer even more effective and thermally efficient wall assemblies.

Installation Guide

Clip length, spacing and attachment to the substructure are determined based on the combination of thermal and structural requirements of the assembly. To ensure proper on-site installation, SOPREMA has made available a detailed installation guide for ACS THERMAL CLIPS.

Structural Design Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist in the proper specifications regarding the setting and spacing of patented ACS THERMAL CLIPS supporting exterior cladding assemblies. This guide must be used in conjunction with Morrison Hershfield’s (MH) thermal analysis reports or SOPREMA’s BUILD BETTER Guide in order to achieve compliance with the energy objectives of building codes.

Technical Data Sheet

Consult the ACS THERMAL CLIPS technical data sheet to know the different characteristics of the product, from installation restrictions to its different properties.


Download the brochure to always have at hand the characteristics and competitive advantages of ACS THERMAL CLIPS.


Considerations for Optimizing Walls for Both Current and Future Realities

This one-hour recorded webinar, including a 15-minute question period, explores the synergies and opportunities of combining polyisocyanurate and mineral wool insulation with a structurally and thermally efficient cladding attachment system to achieve high thermal performance, reduce material use, minimize costs, and optimize wall thickness.


SOPREMA, in collaboration with the Morrison Hershfield firm, has tested wall assemblies that achieve the energy efficiency performance required by the National Energy Code for Buildings and much more.

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