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May 30, 2022 - 10 min

An Optimal Learning Environment at the Halifax Grammar School with SOPREMA’s Acoustic Solutions

Published by SOPREMA Experts

Project Description

  • Name of the project : Halifax Grammar School
  • Type of solution: Soundproofing
  • Components: Ceilings
  • Product: SONASPRAY FC
  • Area: 15,000 ft2
  • Works duration: 4 weeks

Project Group

  • Architect: Architecture49
  • Installer: MJM Energy
  • SOPREMA Representative: Jennifer Rocca

New Facilities at the Halifax Grammar School

The Halifax Grammar School, founded in 1958, is an institution of independent learning for over 570 students, from kindergarten through Grade 12. Committed to educational excellence, the Halifax Grammar School made it its mission to provide students with the ability, character and confidence to pursue their ideals and thrive through programs that are balanced between studies, athleticism, altruism, and arts.

In order to support this mission, the school administration decided, for the 60th anniversary of the establishment, to undertake major renovations on the campus with a budget totalling $14.5M. On the agenda: the addition of a gymnasium, a theatre and a new academic wing to the main private education facility. Works started in 2017 and were completed in the fall of 2018, to the delight of students and teachers who could now enjoy the new modern facilities.


Unfortunately, one element quickly became a nuisance. The particular features of the structure, more specifically the metal ceilings of the new classrooms, generated noticeable echo. Indeed, hard surfaces like metal reverberated the slightest sound and could make the room cacophonous and interfere with teaching. In a building like the Halifax Grammar School, soundproofing is very important since it is essential to provide the students and teachers with a quiet environment that promotes learning. It therefore quickly became necessary to make acoustic improvements to this new wing.

A Project with Specific Requirements

The main challenge of this project was to improve the acoustic performance of the classrooms, which were already finished. It was therefore necessary to find a solution that would be efficient and that would match the aesthetics in place, but that would not require undertaking major demolition works again.

The architects of the project, Architecture49, therefore turned to SOPREMA and MJM Energy to solve this soundproofing problem. The MJM Energy team, with 25 years of experience in the field of soundproofing, was a major ally in this project.

The Solution: SONASPRAY FC

SONASPRAY FC had all the features required to tackle the echo problems caused by metal classroom ceilings. It is a cellulose-based spray-applied soundproofing product. Our cellulose is made of over 80% recycled paper and cardboard, and 15% flame-retardant minerals. The small, smooth grey fibres are mixed with the chosen colour to provide a finish that blends aesthetically into the space, making this product the perfect solution for exposed ceilings, as was the case with this project. SONASPRAYF FC provides excellent acoustic control with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.65 to 0.90, which means that the product absorbs 65% to 90% of the noise that is projected against it.

It has also obtained GREENGUARD certification, which has very strict selection criteria and takes into account the most stringent safety factors in terms of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. These requirements ensure that a product is safe in sensible environments such as schools and healthcare facilities, which was welcome as an ideal benefit by the Halifax Grammar School!

Hassle-Free Installation!

The main challenge was to apply the product by spraying the ceiling in a finished space. It was therefore necessary to ensure that all equipment, electronic devices, walls and floors were properly covered. In addition, the emergency sprinklers and air duct inlets also had to be protected so as not to get obstructed. Careful preparation of the space was therefore a key aspect of the project.

The initial deadline was six weeks, but thanks to the ease of application of SONASPRAY FC and the efficiency of MJM Energy, the work was completed in just four weeks, while respecting the budget.

SONASPRAY FC was applied to the metal ceilings in each of the new classrooms and blended seamlessly into the aesthetics of the new Halifax Grammar School wing while significantly reducing the echo.

The SOPREMA Expertise

Expertise developed over the years in soundproofing allows SOPREMA to offer complete solutions for ceilings, walls, floors, and even drains. The company has always distinguished itself in the market by providing high-performance products and unparalleled customer support.

The SONASPRAY FC is only available for the Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic regions.

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