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September 1, 2021 - 2 min

20 Winning Tips for a Well-Done Epoxy Floor

Published by Émilie Aimé

Epoxy resins are increasingly popular for protecting commercial, industrial and institutional concrete floors. They provide excellent durability and protect against most chemicals and mechanical shock, while offering endless aesthetic possibilities.

With their ease of application, their great value and their versatility, they are the most sought-after resins on the liquid flooring market for concrete protection. To ensure the success of your next epoxy-resin project, our experts have prepared 20 winning tips: from surface preparation to finishing and return-to-service steps.

Surface Preparation


Shot blast using steel beads on the concrete surface to obtain an ICRI concrete surface profile (CSP) of 3 or 4.


Remove all traces of contaminants, debris, and laitance using a mechanical vacuum system.


With tape, divide up the surface to be covered into zones to represent the coverage of each entire ALSAN FLOOR EP system.

Make sure of the following:


The type of product and its colour correspond to the needs of the project.


Products have the same batch numbers to cover the entire surface.


The quantity of product (with an excess 5% to 10%) is sufficient for the surface to be covered.


You have all the tools necessary for the installation (squeegee, brush, mechanical stirrer, specialized cleats, Exomixer, etc.).


You have the workforce to perform the task.

Material Checklist

Mixing Method


Premix all components independently and thoroughly.


Avoid contaminating each of the different components between every mixing.


Mix all of the components of the kit together at once.


Pour Part B well into Part A, and mix homogeneously for a minimum of three minutes using a mechanical stirrer, while being sure to scrape the bottom and edges the container.


Always use clean containers when mixing, and dispose of soiled containers.


Pour the entire contents over the previously delimited surface.


Avoid allowing the container to drip on the floor for more than 10 seconds. Dispose of the soiled container.

Never place the open container upside down on the floor and do not scrape the bottom or the edges.


Using a roller, spread the resin evenly and perpendicularly to the previous application.


Clean tools immediately with a suitable solvent, such as ALSAN RS CLEANER.


Close access to the area and wait for the minimum drying time indicated on the technical data sheet before reopening it to light foot traffic.


Wait 5 to 7 days before opening the area to regular traffic to ensure that maximum hardness of the system is reached.


Consult the respective technical data sheets of the products for more details and contact a SOPREMA representative if you have any questions.


Performance that will floor you

Maximum strength.
Minimum downtime.