Renovation projects are a reality in an owner’s life. Whether for small repairs or large-scale projects, choosing a product distributor tailored to your specific needs is a must. With the materials and services offered by SOPREMA, renovation works can be managed and completed swiftly. Our skilled professionals and installation aid tools will help you wisely choose systems and products designed to meet your specific needs.

Find the ideal solution to plan and carry out your projects effectively with our advice. Technical representatives are available on construction sites to recommend good waterproofing solutions that meet the highest industry standards and can be visually inspected. Moreover, it is essential for SOPREMA that all users of its products are properly trained. That is why the company favours accredited roofers and requires that anyone who wishes to install SOPREMA products receive training.

SOPREMA works closely with architectural firms, consultants and control offices, and it has distinguished itself for years thanks to the quality and durability of its products. Not only that, SOPREMA’s impressive warranty program ensures the longevity of materials. And thanks to its laboratory research and development centre, SOPREMA’s teams of technicians and chemists work diligently to continuously innovate.

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