Roofing/Sustainable solutions

Designing for tomorrow

The long-term objectives of designing a sustainable roofing system are to keep the system in place as long as possible, delay material disposal in landfill sites, and reduce or eliminate the use of new materials.

Energy economy, sustainability, efficient utilisation of raw materials and the reduction of waste should guide roofing design and specification. More precisely, designing for sustainability should include materials and details which extend the useful lifetime of a roof and which are matched with a sustainable recovery plan.

In the future, manufacturers, designers and contractors must work together in partnership to help protect the environment by making sustainable development a priority.

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SOPREMA sustainable solutions

The SOPRANATURE green roofing systems, the SOPRASTAR reflective membranes, the SOPRASTAR R-NOVA reflective coating, the XPRESS panels and SOPRABASE HD, as well as High Performance waterproofing systems are solutions offered by SOPREMA that help in the collective effort to develop sustainable roofing systems.

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