SS Credit 5

Sustainable site development:

Protect or restore open habitat



Conserve existing natural site areas and restore damaged site areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity.

During the performance period, have in place native or adapted vegetation covering a minimum of 25% of the total site area (excluding the building footprint) or 5% of the total site area (including the building footprint), whichever is greater.

Other ecologically appropriate features that contribute to this credit are natural site elements beyond vegetation that maintain or restore the ecological integrity of the site, including water bodies, exposed rock, unvegetated ground or other features that are part of the historic natural landscape within the region and provide habitat value.

Projects using vegetated roof surfaces may apply the vegetated roof surface to this calculation if the plants meet the definition of native/adapted and provide the habitat and biodiversity intent of the credit.

Because native and adapted (i.e. naturalized) plants are not the same in all provinces of Canada, it is impossible to draw up an exhaustive list of significant species. Nevertheless, the table below lists perennials readily found in Canada which if established on a green roof could make your project eligible for this LEED® credit:

* Always take the plant hardiness zone into account before planting.