Commitment – Environmental policy

Producing materials that address the needs of waterproofing professionals, but also conserving the interests of future generations – this is the mission the building industry must integrate into all its environmental activity.

As a result, material manufacturers have the duty to reflect on the impact of their products on nature and man during the lifespan of the building (from building manufacture to construction, operations and demolition). For SOPREMA, this reflection has become a reality, among other things, through the creation and implementation of an international-level environmental policy.

One element of the main mission of SOPREMA is to take into account the effects of our products on the environment and health, from design till destruction. SOPREMA also wants to instill an "environmental culture" within the company.

Ginkgo Biloba

SOPREMA’s efforts on the subject of sustainable development do not date from yesterday. In January 1998, we were the first company in our area to obtain ISO 14001 certification. This environmental management standard requires the implementation of an environmental policy and, especially, measures to ensure monitoring (specifically the setting of environmental goals, the monitoring of impacts and environmental risks and the formulation of emergency plans).

As a symbol of our environmental initiative, we have chosen the ginkgo biloba leaf. To learn more about this important symbol and about our sustainable solutions, we invite you to visit Eco struction and Sustainable solutions sections.