Roofing/maintenance, repair and recovering

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS programme for building owners and managers


Building owners and managers can consult with SOPREMA’s team of waterproofing experts when planning roof recovering and maintenance. The person in charge of the SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS programme for building owners and managers will meet with you to explain how to conserve the qualities of your roof and increase its service life economically and ecologically.

Recovering: a concrete step for sustainable development

Most of SOPREMA’s roof waterproofing membranes can be recovered by a new waterproofing membrane to extend their service life. However, the existing waterproofing system may have to be repaired to provide a sound surface to the new waterproofing membrane.

Recovering represents a considerable benefit, which significantly sets SBS modified bitumen technology apart from other roofing solutions. Recovering an existing system enables roof structural elements to remain in place if they are in good condition and avoids their disposal in landfill sites. From an architectural standpoint, the addition of a new membrane to renew an existing roofing system is a small price to pay. In short, recovering is a very economical, environmental solution both to purchase and install.

When a roof assembly is properly designed and the waterproofing membrane is well maintained, SOPREMA’s High Performance roofing systems have a 25-30 year service life. This exceptional durability is doubled or even tripled when recovering is favoured over complete replacement. In keeping with its commitment to sustainable development, SOPREMA encourages you to join in environmental conservation efforts by recovering rather than replacing your roofing system at the end of its service life.

Generation Generation warrantieswarranty

Protection your new roof for generations

In order to limit environmental impact, and to save you time and money, SOPREMA offers several roof recovering solutions that eliminate the need to remove the current waterproofing system. These ecological recovering solutions are covered by the GENERATION PLATINUM warranty from 10 to 15 years.


SOPREMA waterproofing membranes are known for their quality and durability. All the same, roof waterproofing systems need a maintenance plan developed by the designer or contractor. As the proverb states, “a stitch in time saves nine.”


When a crack or hole is observed on the roof, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. There are many efficient solutions to protect your roof from leaks temporarily or permanently, according to the age and condition of the waterproofing system. Contact a SOPREMA waterproofing professional to obtain smart advice on the best repair options for your project.

Alsan Flashing


ALSAN FLASHING is a high quality, polyurethane resin waterproof coating. It ensures waterproofing of flashing and roof details exposed to severe weather conditions. It is also used as a revitalizing coating on ageing waterproofing membranes.


 The jointing and waterproofing mastic, SOPRAMASTIC is the ideal solution to repair and seal joints, holes and cracks in elastomeric membranes and other appropriate surfaces. Made from SBS modified bitumen, it resists warping at high temperature and can be applied at temperatures as low as -10°C.

SOPRAMASTIC ALU offers the same solutions and possesses the same properties as SOPRAMASTIC, but is the colour of aluminium. Used together with CURAL coating, SOPRAMASTIC ALU makes worn metallic surfaces more aesthetically pleasing and maximizes waterproofing capabilities.