Be ahead of your time.

XPRESS BOARD HD panels couldn’t have a better name. With one panel, you can carry out multiple applications in less time than you thought possible. Use them as thermal barrier, vapour barriers, insulation, support or recovery panels and finish your roof waterproofing project in fewer stages and with less labour.

XPRESS BOARD HD consists of a sanded or thermofusible base sheet, factory-laminated to mineral wool fibre insulation available in thicknesses from 12.5 mm (1/2 inch) to 125 mm (5 inches) thick.

XPRESS BOARD HD panels offer the best quality-price ratio on the market and have properties and benefits no other panel possesses. In terms of durability, XPRESS BOARD HD waterproofing solutions are unbeatable. The panels resist moisture, do not retain water, and maintain their stability and thermal value over time.

To ensure waterproofing against leakage, the transversal joints of XPRESS BOARD HD panels should be sealed with SOPRALAP covering band, offered in self-adhesive or thermofusible versions.

Xpress Board


For safe installation, the XPRESS BOARD HD panel has a 3 3/8 in. DUO SELVEDGE, a unique technology patented by SOPREMA. The first 50 mm (2 in.) of DUO SELVEDGE are self-adhesive, which protects the components under the base sheet when the last 25 mm (1 in.) of the selvedge is heat-welded or sealed with a hot air gun.

Flameless solution

Propane-fuelled equipment is not needed when XPRESS BOARD HD is covered with SOPRALENE STICK HR GR self-adhesive cap sheet membrane.

Reflective roofing

Combined with XPRESS BOARD HD, the reflective membrane SOPRASTAR HD GR is an excellent way of achieving sustainable development goals.

There are three XPRESS waterproofing solutions unique to SOPREMA:

XPRESS BOARD HD, base sheet membrane factory-laminated to a high-density mineral wool fibre insulation

XPRESS ISO, XPRESS BOARD HD panel factory-laminated to a polyisocyanurate insulation panel, offering the same properties as the SOPRA-ISO insulation panel.

XPRESS VAP'R BOARD is an efficient thermal barrier, combined to a vapour barrier and a insulation panel. The product consists in a 5/8-inch thick high-density mineral fibre (rock wool) insulation board on which an SBS modified bitumen membrane was factory-laminated.