COLPLY is a two-ply roof waterproofing system installed with cold adhesive applied to insulation (or other appropriate surfaces).

The total thickness of the COLPLY system is composed of SBS modified bitumen, providing unbeatable protection against leakage.

Flameless solution

The COLPLY system is installed without using propane-fuelled equipment.

Ultra-fast curing adhesive

SOPRATACK is a two-component polyurethane adhesive. It is used to adhere SBS polymer modified bitumen membranes on low-slope surfaces. It is the perfect product for projects that restrict solvent use and odours such as in hospitals and schools. 

- Fully cured in 24 hours

- Very low odour

- Excellent adhesion

Reflective roofing

Combined with the COLPLY system, the reflective membrane SOPRASTAR HD GR is an excellent way of achieving sustainable development goals.