MR Credit 1.1

Materials and resources

Building reuse: maintain 75% of existing walls, floors, and roof 


  • Resurfacing elastomeric membranes: By opting for the SOPREMA concept when resurfacing an existing roof, you can avoid generating waste. Plus, this system will exponentially increase the life of the roof. Waste not, want not!


Extend the life cycle of existing building stock, conserve resources, retain cultural resources, reduce waste and reduce environmental impacts of new buildings as they relate to materials manufacturing and transport.

Number of credits available, depending on what percentage of the building is to be reclaimed:
55% =
75% =
95% = 3 

Potential technologies and strategies
Consider reuse of existing buildings, including structure, shell and non-shell elements. Remove elements that pose a contamination risk to building occupants and upgrade outdated components such as windows, mechanical systems and plumbing fixtures.