This section describes a good number of SOPREMA solutions that could help your company obtain a LEED® credit.

Why certify?

A rapidly growing number of private sector organizations and governments are adopting LEED certification in their policies, programming and operations, with the goal of achieving and demonstrating sustainability. The reasons for certifying include

  • Gaining recognition for green building efforts,
  • Validating achievement through third party review,
  • Qualifying for a growing array of government incentives,
  • Contributing to a growing green building knowledge base.

Do note, however, that the solutions outlined in this LEED® tab are only listed as suggestions. SOPREMA strongly recommends that you call on the services of a LEED®-certified professional as a resource person. He or she will be able to tell you where and how to concentrate your efforts to obtain LEED® credits. LEED experts can advise you throughout your application and streamline your registration and certification process.

For further information concerning the LEED® accreditation program, click here

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